About Us

In 2012, we took a trip to the west coast with no agenda or timeline…just to explore. Being able to stay with family and friends, we found it was full of beaches, falls and mountains; to end part of our journey we randomly found ourselves at the beautiful Multnomah Falls. We trekked the hiking trials and found our souls being stirred by the breath-taking views it had to offer. Hence Awake the Soul was born.

We want to share this experience of ours with the world! Awake the Soul stands to be a clothing brand that is not only associated with beautiful photographs but to be viewed as a brand that stands for the outdoors being a world worth exploring.

We also believe in helping others in the world who are not able to help themselves. We partnered with Generosity.Org in helping to fight against the clean water crisis that is rapidly prevalent in the 3rd world countries. We are excited to donate 10% of every sale to Generosity.Org. Will you join us in ending the water crisis?